Unique hand-crafted flowers

Our arrangements of clay flowers are crafted using techniques Sunisa learned in Thailand.  The arrangements consist entirely of clay with the exception of adhesive, paint, and thin wires that support the larger pieces.  The clay we use is a mixture of a special Japanese clay and a Thai terra clay.  The clay is not fired; the arrangements are air dried and the final product is slightly pliable, though a bit fragile.

Constructing the flowers and arrangements is time consuming and involves several steps.  We first mix the clay with oil paint to give the clay its base color.  Next, we flatten the clay and then individually cut and shape the petal and leaf pieces using specially designed tools.  After the pieces air-dry for about 24 hours, we hand-paint the pieces to match the fine detail and subtle shading of actual flowers.  We then assemble the various pieces into whole flowers, adding stems made of clay supported by wire.

Finally, we place the individual flowers into a pre-selected pot, a piece of driftwood, or another medium.  The “base” can greatly enhance the character of the arrangement, and we take great care in matching the base with the arrangement.